Our Response

Rest assured we are taking all steps possible to make your appointment as safe as it can be. At the clinic we are staying up to date on government guidelines and Karen has undertaken the Australian Government Department of Health Covid 19 training.

To meet individual needs at this time we are offering face to face in clinic appointments, home visits and virtual appointments. Home Visit appointment fees have been temporarily reduced during the COVID 19 pandemic to facilitate access for clients.

Infection Control 

  • Our physiotherapists are fully vaccinated against COVID 19.
  • We offer home visits and virtual appointments to those who need to limit their contact.
  • If your therapist is not already wearing a face mask,  you can request that we do and we will absolutely comply, no questions asked.
  • We request that all clients do not attend any appointment or class at the clinic if they, or anyone in their household have covid 19 symptoms. Cancellation and non attendance fees have been waived for suspected/ confirmed COVID 19 cases to encourage compliance
  • Where possible, we ask that new clients complete our online registration form, linked on the appointment confirmation email. Paper forms are still available in clinic for those who require them.
  • We have multiple alcohol gel pumps around the clinic and recommend their use on arrival and departure from the clinic.
  • Philips Air purifiers are located in both the treatment room and gym space.
  • All clinic equipment is disinfected between individual use.

Please contact us if you have specific concerns relating COVID 19, we can facilitate you being the first client of the day where possible.

In Clinic Appointments 

Please use the QR code to check into the clinic.

Appointments are spaced further apart for thorough disinfection of the treatment room, reception area and exercise studio and also to minimise client to client interaction. 

Please note there will be no access to the clinic in advance your appointment or class time, please arrive on time. New client registration forms will be emailed out, where possible please complete the form before your appointment. 

We request that as far as possible you attend your appointment on your own to minimise contacts and observe social distancing.

All gym equipment is disinfected after use.

Virtual Appointment

Conducted online, these sessions can be used for initial injury assessment, follow up appointments, and clinical exercise appointments. The process is very simple, once we process your booking we will send you a link to click on when it is time for your appointment.

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