Mark graduated in 1995 from the University of Queensland and then completed his Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in 2005. He subsequently became the Director and Lecturer at La Trobe University running Australia’s largest post-graduate Master of Sports Physiotherapy program for several years.

Adjacent to his clinical work, Mark has authored a book titled “Beating Back Pain”. He has also been a semi-regular on ABC774 talk back radio, where he educates the public on simple self-management strategies. Having suffered from back pain himself, Mark leveraged his Physiotherapy knowledge and invented a number of back and neck pain self-treatment devices. These devices include BakBalls, designed to assist with relieving backpain, NeckRest, designed to assist with relieving neck pain and the BakRest, to prevent slouched sitting in office chairs and car seats and assist with relieving sitting-related pain.

Sporting Background

Mark had a long history competing in Triathlons, Rugby Union, Aussie Rules, and Table Tennis and loves helping all patients of all ages and abilities to achieve their full, pain free performance potential. Mark loves spending time with his three children, Lachie, Sam and Chloe and his beautiful wife, Lauren, especially camping in the bush or on the beach. Mark loves keeping fit and playing competitive tennis and golf.