Clinical Exercise Rehab

These classes are influenced by clinical pilates and also include prescribed strength exercises to meet your specific needs. For these classes, you will need to first have an initial clinical exercise assessment and then one to two individual clinical exercise sessions to design a tailored program for your requirements. The number of individual clinical exercise sessions depends on your specific requirements and previous experience.

Group class options

Once your indivdual program has been prescribed you can choose to attend group classes, have a two to one class with a friend (please note the friend will also need to have had an individual assessment and program prescribed) or you are welcome to continue one to one sessions if this is your preference. Group classes are kept to a maximum of three participants for optimal supervision.

These class options can be rebated if you have extras on your private health insurance.

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Clinical Exercise Performance

These classes blend the use of high level clinical pilates with performance strength training. The classes cater for runners, cyclists and triathletes. They are also open to high level graduates of clinical exercise rehabilitation who are injury free and want to challenge their bodies further. These classes are limited to 4 participants for quality control and the to facilitate education of good technique. If you have private health care extras you may receive a rebate for these classes. You will require an initial Clinical Exercise Assessment to establish your baseline and individual needs and also to become familiar with our equipment. Individual or 2:1 sessions are available on request.

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