At The Physio Room we not only want to help you manage your current injury; but also to identify the triggers and limit the chances of you having another episode. For those with more long term conditions we will work with you to optimise your health management and enable you to get the most out of your body.

We collaborate with you on your goals and desired outcomes. Our treatment is tailored to the individual with the right blend of hands-on treatment, education and exercise to meet your needs. As part of your healthcare team, we will work with your other providers and have a reliable selection of specialists to refer you on to should you need. Our client management is evidence-based and backed by research, we dedicate time regularly to updating ourselves on the most recent research. Our physiotherapy treatment sessions are one to one, you will have our undivided attention for the duration of your appointment.

Meet the team

Lynda Rigby

Lynda is a highly qualified physiotherapist with over 20 years clinical experience.  After graduating from La Trobe University in 2001, Lynda began her career in neurological and orthopaedic trauma rehabilitation. In 2005 she moved into private practice where she has developed a passion for holistic management, thorough assessment, evidence based learning and the implementation of personalised rehabilitation programs.

Lynda’s thirst for knowledge ensures her professional development is ongoing and inspires her to give best clinical practice to her clients.

Of particular interest is the management of shoulder pain, including pre and post operative rehabilitation, due to the complex nature of the anatomy and biomechanics of this area.

The hip and its relationship to the lumbar spine and pelvis is also a keen area of interest. Lynda receives regular mentorship from leading hip physiotherapist Alison Grimaldi, as an active member of the Hip Academy.

Lynda will provide a holistic program that you will enjoy. Alongside appropriate manual therapy, your rehab may include gym based work, Pilates (mat or equipment) or home exercise. Lynda has extensive experience in both Pilates and gym based rehab, both personally and professionally, and recognises what may work for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Lynda enjoys treating adolescents through to the retiree, and the elite athlete through to the weekend warrior.

Karen Shaw

Karen values equally hands on treatment and exercise and tailors the blend of treatment methods to the client’s needs at each treatment session. Karen has over 15 years experience as a physiotherapist; graduating from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland in 2005 and then working in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Karen has called Melbourne home for over 10 years. She considers herself lucky to have spent 8 years working closely with The Melbourne Shoulder and Elbow Group in private practice after moving to Melbourne. Karen then moved on to hone her clinical exercise and sport specific skills in other Melbourne based private clinics for a few years before taking the exciting step of opening The Physio Room.

Karen believes education is key in optimal injury management and in the management of chronic conditions. If you can understand how and why your injury occurs you are best positioned to tackle your rehabilitation plan and avoid similar injuries in the future. Karen values equally hands on physiotherapy and exercise

The Physio Room Hampton

Sporting Background

Karen’s own sporting background is wide ranging; from martial arts, to surfing and snowboarding and since moving to Australia, triathlon. She understands the demands on the body of training to a high level, having competed internationally in martial arts in her late teens and at the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2018. 

Karen’s objective when managing sports injuries is to get people participating in some way in their chosen sport as soon as possible but also playing the long game to avoid setbacks and reinjury. Strength training has been pivotal in Karen’s own performance and injury management and she can’t wait to share what she has learned over the years with you at The Physio Room. 

Continuous professional development is a priority for Karen, in order to stay up to date on the latest research and methods. She attends courses regularly and at present is in the final stages of obtaining her Strength and Conditioning Coach qualification.