General Physiotherapy

At the clinic we cater for all stages of rehabilitation for general and sports injuries. If you have any questions about how physiotherapy can be of benefit to you please contact the clinic to discuss. 

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Pre and Post operative Physiotherapy

We are very experienced in the management of joint replacements, ligament and tendon repairs, fracture fixation and other orthopaedic surgeries. Your physiotherapist will liaise closely with your surgeon regarding their specific protocols and your individual needs. Our rehabilitation process is collaborative and driven by your own goals and functional needs

Sports Physiotherapy

We understand the frustrations of injury in sport far too well and will aim to get you involved again as soon as possible whilst also reducing the risk of recurrence / regression and addressing contributing factors where applicable.  Errors in training load, correct sport technique and the level of strength required for your chosen sport are all factors we explore with you. 

Dry Needling

Karen and Lynda have undertaken extra training to be able to offer dry needling to her clients. Our hygiene protocols for dry needling are above industry standard for everyone’s safety. Please contact us if you would like further information on dry needling or to enquire if it will be useful with your condition.