The Benefits of a Running Analysis

A running analysis is of benefit to anyone who runs – from the beginner, to those who run intermittently in team sports and  to the seasoned distance runner. Both athletes with current or recent injuries and those without injuries can attend for running assessments. If you have concerns about whether a current injury would prevent you from fully participating in a running analysis session or are not sure how it will benefit you please contact us to discuss it further.

Karen, Lynda and Irwin are all  passionate about  are both passionate about running analysis and gait retraining; optimising your run technique, refining your training load and targeted strength training can put an end to a constant cycle of injuries. 

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The Process of Running Analysis

The initial running analysis session will last up to 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your individual situation. We start with taking a thorough history  to explore your running past, present and targeted future.

Next, we do a dynamic video assessment of your running technique and style on a treadmill which we review with you (this video can be recorded outdoors either if treadmill running doesn’t appeal). Following this, a musculoskeletal assessment is carried out to ensure your muscle strength and joint mobility/ muscle flexibility is optimal for running.

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What you will take away from your Running Analysis

Based on your entire assessment, we will educate you regarding key running cues to improve your technique and efficiency. Your video assessment will be repeated to check that you can correctly implement the cues and that they have the desired effect. 

We will also prescribe a tailored exercise program to address any strength or flexibility deficits.  We will give you advice and feedback around managing your training load (frequency, pace, surfaces, undulations, speed) and any adjustments that would be beneficial. By optimising your run technique, musculoskeletal system and training load you will not only reduce the risk of running injuries and time out from running but also boost your performance through improved running efficiency and strength.

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Follow Up

Typically we will recommend a follow up appointment four to six weeks after your assessment to check on your progress and to review your cues and exercise program. Please note if we are managing a current injury with you it is likely we will need to see you sooner than this, we will make a clear recommendation at the time of your appointment. With your permission, we will liaise with your coach as needed to coordinate implementing your changes around your training and racing schedule.